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Obama: After 9/11, 'we tortured some folks'
Loser Tucks Tail, Leaves: Eric Cantor to resign seat in US House earlier than expected

• Joseph Wood Received 15 Injections of Untested Drug Cocktail During Arizona Excution
• Officials: Harsh CIA Bush-Era Interrogations Were Unnecessary, Senate Report to Conclude
• Obama Expresses Confidence in C.I.A. Director
• Obama, Putin Talk Ukraine Separatists, Nuclear Missiles
• Eric Garner NYPD chokehold death ruled homicide
• Kerry condemns 'outrageous' Gaza truce violations
• John F. Tefft, a Career Diplomat, Will Go to Russia
• Florida Judge Orders Special Session to Adopt New Voting Map
• Alaska Rep. Don Young sorry for grabbing aide
Analysis ►  Proposed GOP Lawsuit Against Obama Backfires, Helps Democrats Raise Millions
• NY Gov: Andrew Cuomo lawyers up as scandal over Moreland anti-corruption commission grows: sources
• Did a Corrupt Justice Uphold Wisconsin’s Anti-Union Law? Ethics Allegations Surface
• Economy Added 209,000 Jobs in July; Unemployment Rose to 6.2 Percent
• Gaza ceasefire collapses as fighting breaks out after two hours
Watch this! ►  Warning! NSFW ►  ROFL ►  Jon Stewart Calls Congress the 'Sharknado 2' of Government
• California high-speed rail project wins big in appellate court ruling
• Boehner Encourages Obama to Take Executive Action, One Day After Voting to Sue Obama Over It
• House Republicans Vow to Stay in Washington Until They Vote on Border Funding
• House GOP leaders spike border bill rather than see it defeated
• Gaza conflict: Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire

Analysis ►  A Look at Red States That Could Go Blue | Tax Fraud Trial Likely to Sandbag Michael Grimm's Re-Election Campaign | Chris Christie Defends His Record in Second Summer Stop in New Hampshire | Jeb Bush Quietly Ramping Up Potential Presidential Bid | Jared Polis Trolls Steve King Over 'Cantaloupe Calves' | Analysis ►  Scott Brown’s Shot at History: No Senate Candidate Has Ever Lost Twice to Women | Watch this! ►  This lady is proof why no one should ever vote Republican again | Barney Frank Wants Elizabeth Warren to Run for President. He Just Doesn't Want Her to Win.

Documents reveal Commissioners at war over defending lawsuit charging the agency is failing to enforce campaign finance law | Watch this! ►  Chris Hayes Rips the Curtain Away from Conservative Fundraising Scams

Rep. Gutierrez Ablaze: Only Cowards Scapegoat Kids After Hours on a Friday Night | House GOP's Border Funding Bill Passes | Watch this! ►  Elizabeth Warren Grills Banker Over Cruel Student Loan Policies | In case you doubted who Republicans really work for… | John Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk a 'Scam' By the White House | Analysis ►  Senate Follies Almost Derail Confirmation of New U.S. Ambassador to Russia | GOP Senator Blocks Approval of US Ambassadors. | Senate Democrats Give in on Transportation Funding, Accept GOP Plan | Rep. Steve King's Democratic Opponent Touts Military Service in First Television Ad | Sen. Harry Reid's office rubs some salt in Republican wounds on House border bill blunder | Sen. Mark Udall: 'I Have Lost Confidence in John Brennan' | Blow to House G.O.P. Leadership as Border Bill Falters | Eric Cantor Steps Down as House Majority Leader | House votes to sue Obama for doing a thing they wanted to have happen | Watch this! ►  Elizabeth Warren: "The Time for Free-Loading Is Over" | Rep. John Lewis Tears into Republicans Over Lawsuit | Leaked Memo: Top Tea Party Group Forced Mitch McConnell to Block Stimulus | Is the KKK the Tip of the Spear for House Republicans on Immigration Policy? | Analysis ►  Digby: Bye bye Cantor, hello Steve King

Big Banks Remind Us Why We Should Be Scared

'Patriotic' Big Banks Profit Helping U.S. Companies Dodge Taxes

Analysis ►  A New York Prosecutor, a Governor and a Fight in the Mud | Why the Koch Brothers Are So Interested in Who Becomes the Next Attorney General of Colorado

Watch this! ►  Obama to Republicans: "Stop Just Hating All the Time!" | Analysis ►  President Obama's Executive Pen Powers the Right Challenge to GOP | Barney Frank 'Appalled' By Obama Administration: 'They Just Lied to People'

Probe of Ex-Rep. David Rivera Hinges on Friend | Watchdog, CREW, files IRS complaint against Koch-connected 60 Plus Association | Andrew Cuomo’s Watergate? | 'Right to Farm' or Right to Funnel Illegal Money into Missouri Campaign? | Pennsylvania AG Looking into Claims That State Willfully Ignores Fracking-Related Health Complaints | After Gov. Rick Scott's Secret Trip to King Ranch, He Tapped a Ranch Executive for State Regulatory Board | After Embarrassing Scandal, New Jersey Gets Serious About Fighting Unemployment Fraud | Analysis ►  Why Do Our Elites Keep Behaving Like Criminals And Sociopaths? | WikiLeaks reveals Australian gagging order over political bribery allegations

Why ISIS Blew Up Jonah’s Tomb, And Why It Might Backfire | Israel And Hamas Agree on 72-hour Humanitarian Gaza Ceasefire | Israeli Soldier Feared Kidnapped in Gaza, Military Says | Israel vows to destroy Hamas tunnels | Is Netanyahu Coordinating with American Right Wingers to Prolong Gaza War?

Veterans Affairs Employees Falsified Data to Hide Delays, USA Today Reports

Bones found near dictatorship torture chamber in Chile

Meet the Dangerous, Xenophobic Ammosexuals Lookin' for Brown People to Shoot.

Analysis ►  Why Can't Obama Enforce Peace Between Palestine and Israel? (Hint: Why Can't Anyone?) | Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state | Putin tells Obama that latest sanctions against Russia are counterproductive

Big Trouble in Big China: Far West Terrorism, Trade Problems with Taiwan and Hong Kong Wants Something Called Democracy | Uganda’s Constitutional Court Knocks Down Anti-Homosexuality Law

Obama Hasn't Fired John Brennan Yet – Let Alone Had Him Arrested | Analysis ►  Resignation of CIA chief Brennan is not enough. Neither is a review supervised by Evan Bayh | C.I.A. Admits Penetrating Senate Intelligence Computers

Conservative KY judge says black defendant in Obama t-shirt ‘lucky to get out of here alive’ | Jury in Former VA Gov. McDonnell's Trial Hears of Money Transfers | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hits Back at Liberals Who Want Her to Retire | Microsoft ordered to produce overseas customer email addresses by US judge | Federal Judge Knocks Down Remaining Challenge to New Jersey’s Ban on Ex-Gay Therapy | Fifth Circuit tells Mississippi it cannot close its last abortion clinic over admitting privileges | Eric Holder Warns of Risks in 'Moneyballing' Criminal Justice

How Impeachment Tied Right Wing Media in Knots | When amateur kerning experts attack

CNN Host Calls Fox Website Writers 'Willfully Ignorant F – ksticks' (via http://www.huffingtonpos) | Endorsing Obama's Assassination Isn't Enough to Keep This Voice Off of Fox News | As Murdoch Tries to Buy Time Warner, Two More Charged with Phone Hacking

Why We Must Revitalize the Voting Rights Act Upon Its 49th Anniversary

Average US household worth 1/3 less, while assets of the 1% keep soaring…

Connecticut Republican to factory workers: It's your fault this factory is closing

Don't Panic! We Can Expand Social Security and Medicare

Watch this! ►  Colbert Spars with Union-Busting Campbell Brown | Ole Miss Will Take Steps to Distance University from Confederate Past

Retired Coal Miner to EPA: ‘We’re Dying, Literally Dying for You to Help Us’

Obamacare premiums to rise a modest 4.2% in 2015

Exceptional Drought Blankets 58 Percent of California; Reservoirs Missing One Year’s Worth of Water | Frackers Spill Olympic Pool’s Worth of Hydrochloric Acid in Oklahoma | The Really Scary Thing About Those Jaw-Dropping Siberian Craters

BP oil blowout negatively affected corals more than previously thought

New Bill Would Create ‘License to Discriminate’ for Religious Adoption Agencies

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