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• U.S. Marines air chief wants to curb 'big wish lists' for arms upgrades - See more at:
• Human Blowback from US Interventions in Central America
• Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' child abuse allegations against senior ministers
• Moms with Guns Founder on Obama: ‘Where Is An Assassin When You Need One?’
• Sandra Fluke to run for California state senate

How Republicans can save themselves — as the party of legal weed

Warren's Message Popular on Campaign Trail Across Country | Analysis ►   7 libertarian upstarts who might help Democrats keep their U.S. Senate majority

Watch this! ►  Undeterred by failure, Kochs try another Obamacare lie

Crazy Wingnut Steve Stockman Wants to Send the Cops to Arrest Lois Lerner | Busted by videotape! McConnell tries to disavow Ryan budget, but here’s the truth | Rand Paul’s twisted race lies: His new views on civil rights are as phony as the old ones | Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert goes on unhinged rant attacking children

Watch this! ►  Texas AG Abbott Finds Another Excuse to Sue the Obama Administration

This ONE Photo Says All You Need to Know About Obama's Relationship with Rick Perry

Ex-Bush Lawyer Convicted of Trying to Kill Wife

North Korea fires missiles into sea in apparent anger over military drill | Iraq: Gunmen kill 'at least 29' in attack in Baghdad | Gunmen Kill at Least 33, Including 29 Women, in Attack on Baghdad Compound | Israel Readies Itself for Ground Invasion | Israel air strike 'hits charitable association for disabled' in Gaza | Amateur archeologists say they found lost Army fort in Florida’s Everglades

Iraq: Government Forces Execute 255 Sunni Prisoners in Response to ISIS Atrocities, Says Report

SPLC Issues Bundy Ranch Report | MD Man Appeared to Plot to Kill DE Judge, Authorities Say

US official: Iran nuclear talks positions 'inadequate and unworkable' | Iran Sketches Possible Nuke Compromise

China Label iPhone a National Security Threat

Watch this! ►  Cops pummel, tase, shoot suspect with bean bags in video — but no investigation done

The Washington Post Approves This Message | Ann Coulter Meets 'Real Republicans,' Despises Them for Idiots

Watch this! ►  Obama Lands Hard Punch; Fox Talkers Squeal Like Stuck Pigs

14 years in, the American Century is over: How our country went down in a blaze of shame

Common Core earns sharp criticism from teachers union that once supported it

Walmart planned for endangered forest lands in South Florida

Religious right’s huge risk: Why their new talking point may come back to haunt them

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