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Federal Judge Rules Against MERS
N.S.A. Records Detail Surveillance of American Muslim Leaders
NID, CIA Kept Obama in the Dark About Blown Spying Operation in Germany
Ex-New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years
NSA Spied on Five Politically Active American Citizens, the Intercept Reports

• Obama, on Texas Trip, Will Face Immigration Critics
• Reid threatens "use-it-or-lose-it" filibuster reform
• US and China strike conciliatory tone as high-level talks begin in Beijing
• Reid: Dems Pushing for Quick Passage of Emergency Funding Bill
• Edward Snowden applies to extend his stay in Russia
• Sen. Mark Udall Skipping Own Fundraiser That Obama Is Headlining
• Corporate Tax Cheats Still Get Billions in Government Business
• German Police Conduct Searches in 2nd Possible Spy Case
• Ray Nagin, New Orleans mayor during Katrina, to be sentenced for corruption
• US workers encountered man left in cell for days
• Elizabeth Warren's Question of Trust Stumps Wall Street Exec
• Democrats Fast-Track Bill to Override Hobby Lobby Decision
• Rick Perry announces 2016 campaign
Preview ►  Obama to Hold Border Crisis Meeting in Texas

TX-LtGov: Leticia Van De Putte Explains Why Women Will Now Be Defined By Their Bosses Thanks to Hobby Lobby | Reince Priebus Bets on a Compressed 2016 Republican Primary Season | Dave Brat Names New Campaign Manager | Terri Lynn Land Distances Herself from Own Family's Business | Hillary Clinton Agrees with Thomas Piketty: Inequality Is 'Very Threatening to Democracy' | HI-Sen: Rep. Hanabusa Comes Out Swinging at Sen. Schatz in First TV Debate | Palin Doubles Down on Her Impeachment Talk: Tells Congress to 'Get Going' | HI-01: Christian Coalition vs. Progressive Caucus in Dem Primary | GOP Adviser: Huckabee Could Win, But… | Rob Portman Leaves Door Open to 2016 Presidential Run | GOP Rep Jason Chaffetz: Mitt Romney Will Run – And Win – in 2016

Most Voters Wish Sarah Palin 'Would Just Be Quiet'

Ted Cruz says he's 'stopped participating' in NRSC but won't quit as vice chair

GOP Senate nominee hasn't 'seen evidence' for impeachment, but says Obama looks like a dictator

McCain, Klobuchar Team Up on Bill Allowing Prescription Drug Imports from Canada | John Boehner Says He Disagrees with Calls to Impeach Obama | Sanders backs VA pick | TX Rep. Gohmert: Obama should send U.S. military into Mexico to stop immigrants | Sherrod Brown warns of new Republican effort to divide and conquer on Social Security | House Republican Spending Bill Seeks to Block Obama's Carbon Rules | Meet the First Poor Person Allowed to Testify at Any of Paul Ryan’s Poverty Hearings | Joe Manchin Intends to Block Anti-Coal Policy at Export-Import Bank

Congress Won't Budge on Immigration. New York City Says There's a Solution | Opinion ►  Bill de Blasio betrays progressives, endorses renegade 'Democrats' who cast their lot with the GOP

President Obama Asked If He Wants a Hit, Laughs It Off

Analysis ►  Dick Cheney is Yelling Fire and Wonders Why No One Is Listening

Alex Jones Goes Off, Insists He's Not a Conspiracy Theorist

Analysis ►  Here Are the States That Raised Their Minimum Wages Without Congress

Iraq crisis: Fifty bodies found south of Baghdad

Obama Lawyers: Corporations May Be People Under Law, But Actual Humans in Gitmo Are Not

Jim Gilchrist Eyes Reviving the Minutemen to Exploit Fresh Border Crisis

Kim Jong Un Is Limping in North Korea's Latest Video, And No One Knows Why

Germany arrests second suspect accused of spying for US

Atrios on the NSA spying and the Soviuet days | Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out About NSA's Spying on Muslim-Americans

Utah to Appeal Gay Marriage Ban Ruling with Supreme Court | Nebraska Supreme Court sets hearing on Keystone XL case for September. Ruling likely after midterms | Kentucky Plan to Resume Executions Hits Snag | Study: Hobby Lobby the result of 'cultural evolutionary adaptive lag'

Brooklyn DA will no longer prosecute first time pot possession offenders

Watch this! ►  MSNBC's Joan Walsh Corrects Mischaracterization of Clinton's Court-Appointed Defense Work | Analysis ►  America: Dinesh D'Souza's Deceptions | New Yorker offers three-month online free-for-all before a paywall goes up

Fox News Contributor Tells Bill O'Reilly She's Tired of His 'Mocking' Comments | Mail Online apologises to George Clooney for publishing false story | ROFL ►  Please teach sex ed in schools so that teens can tell Steve Doocy to shut up about birth control | Fox's Sarah Palin: "Let's Get Going" on Impeaching President Obama

Departure of Secretary of EducationIs Sought by Teachers

Obama to Pick Defense Aide for Energy Post

US CDC says finds smallpox vials from 1950s in FDA storage room | Analysis ►  After Arizona Expanded Medicaid, Hospitals Started Saving Money

Analysis ►  Far right’s border paranoia: How to deal with a party of lunatics | Class Action Lawsuit Aims to Win Legal Representation for Unaccompanied Minors

Big Money investors thought they had the perfect plan to buy up rental properties. There was just one huge problem

Your Crumbling Roads And Bridges May Get Even Worse This Year

Obama’s Evangelical Gravy Train | FL public defenders fired for calling Palestinians ‘cockroaches’ and ‘filthy swine’ on Facebook | Virginia campus removes Confederate flags | Blogger Hired to Defend Redskins Name Resigns After Two Weeks

This New Website Is Encouraging More Women to Talk About Their Abortions | Protester Admits That Harrassing Women Outside of Abortion Clinics Has ‘Very Low’ Success Rate

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