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In Audio from a Koch Event, Endangered McConnell Humiliates Himself, Envisions Undoing Obama Initiatives

• Blackwater gunned down Iraqi civilians as they tried to flee, US says as case goes to jury
• Iowa Lawmaker Guilty of Receiving Illegal Payments
• Russian and Ukraine troops battle in south, prompting fears that invasion has begun
Analysis ►  Marco Rubio & the GOP's Reckless Shutdown Politics
• Lawmakers Want Congress to Decide on Military Action Against ISIS
• Alabama Newspapers Urge Disgraced Judge Fuller to Resign
• JPMorgan and Other Banks Struck by Cyberattack
• Christie funnels public pension money to Wall Street while pushing cuts on workers
• Federal Judge Strikes Down Part of Utah's Polygamy Ban
• Blackwater trial reaches emotional and legal climax as prosecution rests
• Obama Crafts Legal Rationale for Immigration Steps
• Politicians and Billionaires: Pledging Allegiance to Each Other in Secret
• Reagan Appointee 'Unravels FedEx's Business Model' in Court Ruling
Analysis ►  Karl Rove exposes how to make Republicans run scared on Social Security, Medicare
• FBI files link Christian TV’s Paul Crouch to Italian mob, Palestinian gun trafficking
• U.S. budget office downgrades GDP growth estimate to 1.5%
• Right-wing hawks want another war? Make them vote on it
• UN Panel: Crimes Against Humanity Spread in Syria, Including Possible Gas Attack

Texas’ Wendy Davis escalates push for female votes | Another Republican deploys the 'Run Away!' strategy | The left’s secret midterm weapon: How marijuana ballot initiatives can change turnout | Arizona Republicans Make Pick to Succeed Jan Brewer as Governor | Rickie Lee Jones Helped Alan Grayson Win His Primary Today | Caught on Tape: McConnell Disses Student Loans, Minimum Wage, And More at Koch Summit | Charlie Crist cruises in Democratic primary win, but race against Rick Scott is tough toss-up | Nebraska Candidate for Governor: Keystone XL Is ‘A Climate Change Issue’ | New York Times Endorses Tim Wu Over Cuomo's Handpicked Conservative Nightmare, Kathy Hochul | Key Congressional Races May Hinge on Support from Native Americans, Alaska Natives | Gordon Klingenschmidt, Colorado state candidate, drops another homophobic bombshell | Bobby Jindal Won't Let His Friends Get in the Way of His Presidential Ambitions | Mitt Romney: No 2016 presidential bid, but "circumstances can change" | Palin: Stand Proud for Racist Football Team Name, Resist 'Leftist Control'

Women Don't Think the GOP Cares About Them, Internal Report Confirms | MI-Gov: Schauer edges ahead of Snyder, 45% to 43%, in new governor race poll | Polls Show Close Races in Iowa, Wisconsin | Most New Yorkers Want to See Criminal Charges in the Death of Eric Garner

NH-Sen: Pro-Scott-Brown Super PAC Changes Ads Attacking Jeanne Shaheen Over Inaccuracies | GOP Senate campaign offers pathetic defense of using Foley execution image in ad | 4 dumbest campaign ads of '14

At Koch Retreat, Koch Whores Top GOP Senate Candidates Credited Koch Network for Their Rise | Romney to Raise Money for McConnell in Kentucky

Darrell Issa invites Kathleen Sebelius, Hilda Solis to testify | House Republicans Are Trying to Make Money Laundering a Lot Easier | Marco Rubio Hints at a Government Shutdown Fight Over Immigration | Senator Says Her Male Colleagues Called Her ‘Porky’ And ‘Chubby’

North Carolina GOP finds appalling new level of anti-democratic treachery | Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sues Obama over Common Core State Standards | Analysis ►  Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Bizarre Scheme to Stop His Own Education Plan By Suing the Obama Administration

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty

Ex-federal official convicted in child porn case

Israel's Brutal Attacks on Palestinians Shocked US Military Officials | Syrian rebels, al Qaeda-linked militants seize Golan Heights border crossing | Second American Jihadist May Have Been Killed in Syria | Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine as Putin embraces the Bush legacy of foreign failure | U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS

Long-Simmering Anger Over Police Violence Erupts at St. Louis Forum | Ferguson Protesters Get Meeting with U.S. Attorney Instead of Arrests | AG Mike DeWine Was Unable to Practice Law in Ohio for Almost 10 Years | Another citizen killed with a taser. for being too tired to walk | How cops get away with it: Why the government can read your emails, but not count shooting deaths | In Ferguson, 'Everybody Had a Bad Experience' with Police

Time Warner Cable suffers major outage; New York launches probe | 'Sons of Guns' reality show star Will Hayden arrested for rape of 11-year-old child

Fox News again pines for Vladimir Putin to be in charge

Former CEO says his own pay 'even seems ludicrous to me'

NRA: 'Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range' | Officials: 'Cops' TV show crewman dies after being shot during Wendy's robbery

Leader of Connecticut’s Health Marketplace Is Named to Run Federal Program

U.S. to Consider Spousal Abuse in Immigration Claims

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