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U.S. Has Failed to Track Almost Half a Million Arms in Afghanistan
U.S. court backs government demand for names of 'straw buyers' of guns
The Median Family Is Worth One Third Less Than It Was a Decade Ago
Obama to Issue Series of Executive Actions Tackling Methane Leaks from Pipelines
Corruption trial of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell begins
Deal Reached in Congress on V.A. Funding

• White House Report Presses Economic Case for Carbon Rule
• Medicare finances improve as healthcare inflation slows, trustees say
Analysis ►   Spending Big to Fight Big Donors in Campaigns
• Georgia Democrat’s Senate Campaign Plan, Not Meant for Public Eyes, Is Published
• GOPer Asks Secessionists to Rise for 'National Anthem,' And Then Sings 'Dixie' Instead
• Ammosexuals Furious Over Topless Women Disrupting Their Machismo March
• Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina strike down same-sex marriage bans

Analysis ►  GOP’s 30-year spin job is over: Why we are not a center-right nation | Wanna know why Republicans can't give up calling Obama 'not American'? They've got nothing else.

Overview of 2014 governor races shows Democratic tilt | Georgia GOPer Jody Hice: “Satan” is “chipping away” at “our Christian rights” | Iowa Senate candidate Jon Ernst thinks states can nullify federal laws | Analysis ►  The Texas senator convinces all of his enemies to praise his intellect. Here's why they're wrong – and should stop | Scott Brown Disavows Supporter Who Wrote Insanely Vulgar Letter | Analysis ►  Race Will Continue to Haunt Rand Paul | ‘Sovereign citizen’ vows to outlaw Tasers as Maui mayor: ‘I’m not a lunatic, I am a hippie’ | Analysis ►   Texas GOP’s platform is an Ayn Randian fever dream | Analysis ►  Dear Nancy Pelosi: You're Letting Steve Israel Throw Away a Winnable Seat in Michigan | Right wing’s worst nightmare: the master stroke that turns red states blue

Midterm Calculus: New Generic Ballot Surveys Don’t Show Signs of Republican Wave

Since the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling, lavish spending by outside groups has created a nearly nonstop campaign season with a harsh, negative tone

Congressman Compares EPA’s New Climate Rule to Terrorism

House, Senate Committees Reach Tentative Agreement on VA Bill | Analysis ►  The VSP Paul Ryan slaps a new brand on a stale old trope | Obstructionists Ryan, Cruz Blame the Senate for All Our Problems | Analysis ►   Obama really let these clowns win? How right-wing obstruction always trumps sober centrism | Conservatives Blame Democrats for Conservative Impeachment Threats | Rep. Steve Stockman: “President Obama is begging to be impeached” | Analysis ►  Boehner Sues Obama in Order to Implement Health Law Faster. Huh?

Fast Food Workers Will Now Use Civil Disobedience in Their Fight for Higher Wages | Texas open carry advocates fume after ‘skanky topless libtards’ disrupt pro-gun rally | Watch this! ►  Keith Ellison and the Worker-Led Wage Wave

Walgreens May Face Consumer, Political Backlash if it Elects to Become a "Corporate Deserter" | I Got Your Reform Republicanism (And Tax Reform)Right Here

Why as a Kansas Democrat, I Registered as a Republican

Texan Castro Sworn in as New Housing Secretary.

How Missing American Guns Might Be Fueling Terrorists in Afghanistan | UN:: Downing of MH17 'may amount to a war crime' | U.S. Releases Satellite Images to Back Up Claims Russia Fired Rockets into Ukraine | U.S.: Satellite Imagery Shows Russians Shelling Eastern Ukraine | Analysis ►  Libya Is Literally on Fire | Analysis ►  Is There Any Possibility of Another Similar Flight MH-17 Shoot Down Occurrence? | Watch this! ►  John Oliver Calls Americans Nuclear Weapon Hoarders, Blasts Public Apathy Over 'The Most Dangerous Things on Earth'

Senior Kosovo figures face prosecution for crimes against humanity | Analysis ►  "Let's start with the fact that we shouldn't have tortured anyone to death or tortured them at all"

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon's vice PM, kills at least three | Hong Minh Truong Sent More Than 500 Hoax Letters with Powder: FBI

US says Russia breached nuclear treaty | US officials fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry | Even Gaza Truce Is Hard to Win, Kerry Is Finding | Obama to Netanyahu: U.S. Worried About Worsening Gaza Conditions | The Inside Story of How a Christian Woman Sentenced to Death in Sudan Came Out Alive

China Says Ex-Security Czar Zhou Yongkang Under Investigation | Why Conspiracy Theories Take Hold in Russia

Rocket blasts off with U.S. ‘neighborhood watch’ spy satellites

Mass Surveillance Is Corroding American Democracy, Human Rights Report Concludes

Satanists Cite Hobby Lobby in Campaign for Religious Exemption to Abortion Laws | Analysis ►  Federal Appeals Court Trolls Scalia in Virginia Gay Marriage Case | How the Alaska Supreme Court Is Circumventing the State’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage | Analysis ►  Which View of Christianity Does the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling Defend? What about Sharia Law? | The School-To-Prison Pipeline Can Start Even Before Kindergarten, Mother Points Out | Minnesota Jury Can't Reach Verdict in Jesse Ventura Defamation Case

Justice Dept. Scrambles to Shield Anti-Iran Group’s Files | Opinion ►  Make Thug Cops Pay

UN Official Calls Out David Gregory for Using Unconfirmed Israeli Propaganda Video | Analysis ►  Word Salad on Demand, Via Sarah Palin's Online Channel | National Enquirer tries to clean up its act with new editor and new office | Watch this! ►  Joe Scarborough Shows GOP How to Respond to Questions About Obama's Impeachment | Sarah Palin Gives the People What They Want: the Sarah Palin Channel | David Gregory to Paul Ryan: Doesn't Sound Like You're Sympathetic to People Who Need Gov't Help

Analysis ►  Understanding Fox's "War on Christianity" | If you have cable or satellite service, you are paying for Fox News | Fox's Howard Kurtz Literally Begs Jon Stewart to Have Him as a Guest on the Daily Show

Media Mogul Murdoch Is Buying a Conservative Alternate Universe

Americans in Debt: 35 Percent Have Unpaid Bills Reported to Collection Agencies | Watch this! ►  Bill Maher Shoots Down Matt Kibbe's Fairy Tale on Democrats And Upward Mobility

Smith & Wesson pays SEC penalty after being accused of bribing | Analysis ►  DC Court's Concealed-Carry Ruling Is Big Win for the NRA

Bay Area for-profit colleges shut down

Obama leasing millions of Gulf acres for offshore oil & gas drilling

People Living in the South Have Shorter, Sicker Life Expectancies Than the Rest of the U.S. | 'Smoke and Mirrors': Eliminating Tobacco from Pharmacies | Mississippi Gov. blames President Obama for reported jump in the states uninsured rate after refusing to accept Medicaid expansion or set up a state exchange | Analysis ►  The New Health Care: the Problem with 'Pay for Performance' in Medicine | 5 Myths the Koch Brothers Want Millennials to Believe About Obamacare | Trustees say Obamacare will help extend the solvency of Medicare

Analysis ►  At the Border, Migrant Crisis Tests Whether Politicians Can Translate Compassion into Action | Jerry Brown: We Have a ‘Religious Call’ to Embrace the Undocumented

Report: Research into bee-killing pesticides is tainted by corporate interests | Analysis ►  Delaying Climate Policies Could Cost U.S. Economy $150 Billion Each Year, Report Shows | Fossil Fuel-Funded Groups Organizing Public Rallies Against New EPA Climate Rule

Analysis ►  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: a Supreme Autocrat Not a Shia Messiah

Religious Colleges Are Getting Legal Permission to Discriminate Against Trans Students | Did the Pope Just Challenge the Church’s Position on War?

Texas Children’s Home Fires Employee Just for Being Gay | New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

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