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Impeachment, on G.O.P. Lips, Animates Democrats’ Base

• Senate bill would end NSA phone records collection
• Kerry: Netanyahu Asked Me to Help Broker Gaza Ceasefire
• Boehner Calls Impeachment Talk Democratic 'Scam'
• McDonnell corruption trial: the broken marriage, obsessive crush defense
• House Democrats Shame GOP for Not Caring About Border Kids
• Robert A. McDonald Will Be Veterans Affairs Secretary
Watch this! ►  Ukraine would accept mutual ceasefire, says John Kerry
• This is what happens when you elect a Republican

Analysis ►  Why do only angry Republicans have any power in their own party? the answer lies in its pivot to the South

SD-Sen: Rick Weiland Deserves Serious Backing | Joni Ernst: Government shouldn't pass laws states 'would even consider nullifying' | Senate Nominee Argues Low Minimum Wage Is ‘Appropriate for Iowa’ | Overview of 2014 governor races shows Democratic tilt | Georgia GOPer Jody Hice: “Satan” is “chipping away” at “our Christian rights” | ‘Sovereign citizen’ vows to outlaw Tasers as Maui mayor: ‘I’m not a lunatic, I am a hippie’ | Analysis ►   Texas GOP’s platform is an Ayn Randian fever dream

Global confidence in President Obama much higher than Bush

Scott Brown Targets Shaheen, Obama in New Anti-Immigration Ad — in Front of a Green Screen

Felony? Koch-Backed Group Vastly Understated Its Election Spending | Analysis ►   Spending Big to Fight Big Donors in Campaigns

Congressman Compares EPA’s New Climate Rule to Terrorism | Texas attorney general: 'ban on same-sex marriage promotes childbirth' | Glenn Beck Accuses Obama of Impeachment Scam

Harry Reid trolls Ted Cruz, Tea Party: Can he spook House Republicans out of passing a bill? | Harry Reid Says He Has the FCC's Back on Net Neutrality | Goober Gohmert Ready to Embrace Sandy Hook Trutherism | Senator Denies Climate Change on Senate Floor And Gets a Science Lesson from His Colleague | Analysis ►   Obama really let these clowns win? How right-wing obstruction always trumps sober centrism | Impeachment Wars Rage On

Texas open carry advocates fume after ‘skanky topless libtards’ disrupt pro-gun rally

Corporate Dems Like Schumer Aren't Done Wrecking the Democratic Party

Pentagon Employees with Top-Secret Security Clearance Owe Millions in Unpaid Taxes | I Got Your Reform Republicanism (And Tax Reform)Right Here

Mississippi Abortion Clinic Law Struck Down By Appeals Court Panel | Bobby Jindal Is Being Sued By His Own School Board Over the Common Core | Detroit's water returned to mayor's control as UN criticises shutoffs | Why as a Kansas Democrat, I Registered as a Republican

White House Report Presses Economic Case for Carbon Rule | Texan Castro Sworn in as New Housing Secretary.

Analysis ►  Is There Any Way to Measure If Cuomo Is More Corrupt Than Christie Or Christie Is More Corrupt Than Cuomo?

The Pentagon signaled Tuesday that it is mulling its largest ever shipment of Hellfire missiles to Iraq | U.S. Has Failed to Track Almost Half a Million Arms in Afghanistan | Rockets found in UNRWA school, for third time

Senior Kosovo figures face prosecution for crimes against humanity | Analysis ►  "Let's start with the fact that we shouldn't have tortured anyone to death or tortured them at all"

China Says Ex-Security Czar Zhou Yongkang Under Investigation

Rocket blasts off with U.S. ‘neighborhood watch’ spy satellites

Colorado Supreme Court puts halt to Boulder gay marriage licenses | Jesse Ventura wins $1.84M in defamation suit; jurors vote 8-2 | U.S. court backs government demand for names of 'straw buyers' of guns | U.S. Appeals court throws out Iowa artist’s Obamacare challenge

New York targets Times Square Elmos and Cookie Monsters

Stephen Colbert Announces He Owns '' | Thai junta unamused by comedian John Oliver's royal jibes | Jon Stewart goes off on Israeli criticism of John Kerry | National Enquirer tries to clean up its act with new editor and new office

Analysis ►  Understanding Fox's "War on Christianity"

Americans in Debt: 35 Percent Have Unpaid Bills Reported to Collection Agencies | The Median Family Is Worth One Third Less Than It Was a Decade Ago

Texas Dem blasts ’10 active militias’ on border: ‘Pointing guns at children solves nothing’ | Gripping New Ad Shows What Happens When You Mix Guns with Domestic Violence

Bay Area for-profit colleges shut down

PG&E hit with new federal felony charges in San Bruno explosion

Ted Cruz Continues His Push to Repeal 'Every Bloody Word' of Obamacare | Medicare finances improve as healthcare inflation slows, trustees say | People Living in the South Have Shorter, Sicker Life Expectancies Than the Rest of the U.S.

Jerry Brown: We Have a ‘Religious Call’ to Embrace the Undocumented

Report: Research into bee-killing pesticides is tainted by corporate interests | Obama to Issue Series of Executive Actions Tackling Methane Leaks from Pipelines | Analysis ►  Delaying Climate Policies Could Cost U.S. Economy $150 Billion Each Year, Report Shows

BP Oil Spill Is Much Worse Than People Think, Scientists Say

Did the Pope Just Challenge the Church’s Position on War?

New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

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