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President Obama wants to isolate Russia by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside worl

Preview ►  Glenn Greenwald book to contain 'new stories from the Snowden archive'
• Glenn Greenwald Reacts to Winning Pulitzer Prize
• Republicans Making Bold Play for Oregon Senate Seat
• Justice Scalia Tells Law Students ‘Perhaps You Should Revolt’ If Taxes Become Too High
• The Incestuous Relationship of Tea Party Groups And Talk Radio

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Democrats Have 2014 Advantage Over GOP 'Extremists' | Investigation Could Complicate Rick Perry's Prospects | How Is Steve Israel's Advice Working Out for New Hampshire Democrats? | Analysis ►  Marijuana as a Wedge Issue | PA-13: How Much More Mud Will the Mezvinsky Clan Drag the Clintons Through? | Republicans See Political Wedge in Common Core | MT-Sen: Primary Race Sparks Democratic Feud | CA-33: One Way to Know What to Expect from Political Leaders Is to Examine What They've Already Done | Democrats Confront Vexing Politics Over the Health Care Law | Neo-Birchers: It's Almost 1960 All Over Again, But Where Is Their "Silent Majority"? | Analysis ►  MI-Gov, OH-Gov, PA-Gov, WI-Gov: What Democrats Must Do to Win in November | Analysis ►  Political Battle Lines Blurred By Fracking, Keystone Debates | ROFL ►  GOP Candidate Says He Donated to Pro-Obamacare Democrat to Defeat Nonexistent Health Law | Mississippi Tea Party Candidate Defends Confederate Group, Says It’s Not Racist

Study shines light on the disturbing oligarchic tendencies of Congress

Oklahoma Governor Sides with John Birchers on Minimum Wage | Stealth sellout to developers and nature rapists: Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover | Oklahoma Provides a Win for ALEC’s 50-State Campaign Against Democracy | Watch this! ►  Nevada Republican defends Cliven Bundy but calls immigrants ‘terrorists’ | Texas County Names April “Confederate History And Heritage Month”

PETA demands Michelle Obama not use real eggs for White House Easter egg roll

Rand Paul wants to know when U.S. economy last created millions of jobs. Here's the answer. | Extravagant CEO pay doesn't reflect performance it's all about status

Another day, another US drone strike kills civilians | Former U.S. soldier says his friendly-fire shots might have killed Tillman | Is Bulgaria Next for Putin? Should You Care?

Covert Inquiry by F.B.I. Rattles 9/11 Tribunals

Iran state TV says dispute over Arak nuclear plant 'virtually resolved' | Kremlin Threatens New Sanctions, Says U.S. Treating Russia Like 'Guilty Schoolboy'

Republican Mayor Sends Cops to Home of Twitter Parodist

There’s a Hidden Timebomb in the Senate Rules That Will Go Off If a Supreme Court Justice Retires

California Governor Jerry Brown Grants Dozens of Drug Pardons | Arkansas ex-cop killed while trying to set anti-corruption blogger’s hot dog cart on fire | Analysis ►  Marijuana May Be Legal Federally Before the End of the Decade | Iran: US seizure of Manhattan skyscraper 'lacks legal justification'

Analysis ►  There's a reason why overwhelming evidence hasn't spurred public action against global warming | Analysis ►  Amanda Marcotte has figured out why the rightosphere loves militia rancher Cliven Bundy | After Former KKK Leader Shoots Up Jewish Centers, CNN Asks: ‘Can the Klan Rebrand?’ | Bundy bar-b-que blather: MSNBC hosts wingnut, lets her make fool of self | Good News for Obamacare Is Bad News for Conservative Pundits | Elizabeth Warren Focuses on Working Family Woes in New Book | Yes, the stupid is strong | This week at progressive state blogs: Clear & present danger in NV, deadbeat in LA, sedition in AZ | Watch this! ►  David Letterman’s Anti-Fracking Rant Reminds Us of His Uniqueness

Sharyl Attkisson Wants to Know Who Is Paying Media Matters to Go After Her | Fox Executive Darlene Tipton Fired Over Flight 370 Charity Email | Fox News warns of 'The Unholy War on Easter' | Nevada Journalist Jon Ralston: Sean Hannity's Championing of Nevada Rancher Is "Totally Irresponsible" | Fox guest: Promoting church-state separation at Easter is exactly like carrying ‘God Hates F*gs’ sign

Limbaugh, Right-Wing Pundits Try to Blame Max Blumenthal for Kansas Rampage

This week in the war on voting: IA felons and the right to vote, NY joins National Popular Vote

Coal Company Cuts Off Ex-Miners from Their Health Benefits | Reaganomics killed America’s middle class | Analysis ►  DC 's Conservative Consensus Has Us on the Road to Patrimonial Capitalism | Bloomberg and the Koch brothers have same contempt for working people | How Would Southerners Describe the South to Outsiders?

Analysis ►  The Best Monetary Policy Is Strict Financial Regulation

Analysis ►  Praying for Waco Is Not a Metaphor: the other Roger Ailes and Rachel Maddow on Nevada's high-profile gun nuts | Analysis ►  Is This the Supreme Court's Next Big Gun Case? | Analysis ►  Cliven Bundy’s ailing America: What a wingnut rancher’s rise says about our waning democracy

What's the matter with Topeka? They haven't learned a damned thing in 60 years.

It’s time for the Alan Grayson health care narrative: ‘Don’t get sick or die quickly’ | Half of Jailed NYC Youths Have Brain Injury | New, environmentally unfriendly FDA proposal will hike up the price of your beer

Baltimore Will Stop Automatically Detaining Immigrants, Maryland Governor Says | Oregon Sheriffs Limit Detention of Immigrants users told to change passwords following Heartbleed flaw

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