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Documents Allege Scott Walker Pressured Groups to Donate to Campaign
U.S. Weighs Direct Military Action Against ISIS in Syria
Records of up to 25,000 Homeland Security staff hacked in cyber-attack
Rick Perry’s Lawyers to Seek Dismissal of Charges

• Secret Mission to Rescue US Hostages ‘Flawless,’ Except for the Rescue
• Florida Judge Deals a Blow to Democrats on Districting
Analysis ►  U.S. Isn’t Sure Just How Much to Fear ISIS
• U.S. undercover investigators among those exposed in data breach
• Virginia’s McDonnell Tells of Pursuing Loan from Businessman
• Conservatives literally make stuff up to smear Michael Brown
• Ruth Bader Ginsburg Skewers High Court for Forsaking Fight Against 'Real Racial Problem'
• The tables are turning on Obamacare
• Cop Who Shoved CNN’s Don Lemon Fired for Oath Keepers Rant Vid
• Only 3 Blacks Among 12 Grand Jurors to Hear Evidence in Ferguson Case
Analysis ►  News Organization's Call for Judge Mark Fuller's Resignation, Based on Integrity, Comes Way Too Late
• Yellen Warns That the Job Market Is Still Not Great
• Ferguson, Missouri: the case of the vanishing fractured orbital bone and journalistic integrity
• Michelle Rhee Ignored the Plague of Child Poverty
• Watch This Rant from the Officer Who Shoved Don Lemon in Ferguson
• Texas Journalists Urge National Press to Take Perry Case More Seriously
• School Vouchers Ruled Unconstitutional in North Carolina
• Red-state Democratic Senate candidates campaign on Obamacare benefits
• Halting ISIS Would Require Attacks in Syria, Top General Says
• Hagel Calls ISIS 'Imminent Threat' to U.S.
• Pentagon Violated Law with Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Swap: GAO
• Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has ordered the National Guard to withdraw from the streets of Ferguson

Wendy Davis wants to end statute of limitations on sexual assault and rape | Paul Ryan Says He’d Love to See Mitt Romney Run Again | Mike Huckabee: 'Stop the Fight' Over Common Core, Consider Its Benefits | GOP’s 1994 problem is back: Why a big win this year could doom it long-term | Mitt Romney Had the Perfect Response After Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

Analysis ►  UNH says New Hampshire's Senate race is suddenly a toss-up. Don't believe the hype

Rick Perry’s PAC is selling mugshot T-shirts | What Warren Buffett Should Say to the Koch Brothers

Harry Reid Apologizes for Really Boneheaded Asian Jokes | Gohmert: Obama's ‘Muslim Brothers' Preventing Further Action Against Terrorists in Iraq

America's Dumbest Congressman revives his 'Muslim brothers in the White House' theory | Despite ISIS Horror, Congress Is Wary of U.S. Military Expansion | Claire McCaskill to head police militarization hearing | James Foley's Death Isn't Changing Views in Congress | Anti-trans trolling spree forces Wikipedia to ban U.S. House staffers for third time

Analysis ►  How Religion Turned Texas Red

Cheney: President Obama Would 'Rather Be on the Golf Course' Than the Situation Room

Ferguson and America's Hatred of Democracy | Virginia Ex-Governor Chronicles Unraveling Marriage at Trial | Chelsea Manning says she is being denied gender-reassignment treatment

Watch: Cop Who Shoved CNN’s Don Lemon Rants to Oath Keepers | Congressman Suggests Obama ‘Signaled’ to Terrorists That It Was Okay to Capture Foley

Pentagon Says Chinese Fighter Jet Confronted American Navy Plane | Isil gains in Syria put pressure on west to deliver more robust response | Former top general calls on Obama to wipe out Isis in wake of Foley killing | Islamic State militants seize four more foreign hostages in Syria

ISIL Spokesman Who Promised to ‘Raise the Flag of Allah Over the White House’ Killed in Syria | ISIS Believed to Be Holding Many More Journalists in Captivity | ISIS Email to Family of Executed American Journalist James Foley Revealed | ISIL Demanded Ransom from U.S. Before Killing Reporter | James Foley's family releases final email sent by his killers | Pope Francis Calls Family of James Foley to Offer His Condolences

Analysis ►  Prosecution of Michael Brown's killer may be 'basically impossible'? | Florida Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional | Arson-Murder Rap Tossed, Han Tak Lee Set Free After 24 Years in Prison

Black Americans Much Less Likely Than Whites to Trust That Police Won't Use Excessive Force | A woman shot during Ferguson protests says police are not investigating | Analysis ►  An incident report on the killing of Michael Brown is finally released … and tells us nothing | Analysis ►  Why Brown Prosecutor Should Recuse Himself | Crowdfunding campaign raises nearly $150,000 for cop who shot Michael Brown

White House Gives Perfect Response to Dumb Golf ‘Optics’ Question | 'Herculues' Actor Kevin Sorbo Calls Ferguson Protestors 'Animals,' 'Losers' | Racist Much, Columbia Tribune? | Civil Rights Leader Debunks Conservative Media Obsession with "Black-On-Black" Crime in Ferguson Coverage | Muslim Leaders Have Roundly Denounced Islamic State, But Conservative Media Won't Tell You That | Dinesh D'Souza compares Ferguson protests to ISIS because of course he does | Forward This Next Time Right-Wingers Lie About Prominent Muslims Not Condemning ISIS Violence | Analysis ►  James Foley's Execution Forces Sober Reflection on the Perils of Front-Line Coverage

Hannity Mansplains Justice to Black Committeewoman from Ferguson

Analysis ►  Bank of America Deal a Victory for New York Families

Now, Any American Can Be a Sniper with the New Precision Guided Sniper Rifle | NRA's Wayne LaPierre Accepts Gabby Giffords' Ice Bucket Challenge

The Con Artistry of Charter Schools | Emails Reveal School Canceled Musical for ‘Homosexual Themes,’ Then Lied About It

Artificial Intelligence May Doom the Human Race Within a Century, Oxford Professor Says

Civil Rights Groups Sue Over Treatment of Mothers in Deportation Proceedings

Meet the scientists who sat Rick Scott down and explained climate change to him

Analysis ►  Bank of America’s $16 Billion Mortgage Settlement Less Painful Than It Looks

Student Says She Was Punished at School for Saying "Bless You"

Analysis ►   It’s racism, not “principled conservatism”: the South, civil rights, GOP myths — and the roots of Ferguson | Ted Nugent Wants to Make Sure You Know All the White People Murdered By Blacks

Female Firefighter Says Colleagues Sexually Harassed Her, Hung Porn Up in the Fire House

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