The “Fiscal Cliff”: Is the Media Asleep — Or In on the Scam?

Ask yourself this simple question: "How much could I earn if I was an investment pro betting on currency and stock trades by simply following the sitcom we now know as The Fiscal Cliff?" I asked that question to eleven currency and stock traders and three highly placed executives at two highly reputed investment banks.…


What Did Petraeus Know and When Did He Know It?

Michael Collins asks why the neocons are obsessed with the president's knowledge of General Petraeus's affair, and why there is no attention to the bigger scandal: misinformation provided by Petraeus's CIA to the White House on the murder of Christopher Stevens and other U.S. personnel in Libya on 9/11/2012.


Part II – Rigged Elections for Romney?

Part I of Rigged Elections for Romney showed the amazing anomaly that violated statistical laws with  vengeance to move Mitt over the top in the Republican primaries.  In Part II, Michael Collins shows you how that ws done.  Will Mitt's benefactors swing into action on November 6 to drag him across the finish line?

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Headlines: Editors’ Picks

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