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Ruling That Rejects 2 Florida Districts’ Borders Casts Haze Over Coming Elections
Florida Illegally Drew Congressional District Boundaries to Benefit GOP, Judge Rules

Analysis ►  Senate confirms two ambassadors. Only 27 more to go.
• 10th Circuit Court rules Utah must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the state
• Legal Woes Pose Hurdles for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne in Campaign
• Chuck Schumer Wants FCC to Reclassify Broadband Providers for Net Neutrality
• Joe Biden Calls on Governors to Lead Nation Out of 'Mess'
Analysis ►  Darrell Issa Going Crazy Issuing Subpoenas, Outpacing Previous Chairmen Combined
• Benghazi!™ is BS? Say it ain't so …
• House Votes for Tax Breaks to Add $287 Billion More to Deficit
• Phil Donahue’s vindication: Media icon unloads on Fox, Cheney and what happened at MSNBC
Analysis ►   Wingnuts' foul war on children: as children flee horrifying violence in their home countries, the right assaults them
• FBI details brutal 2007 Blackwater massacre of 14 Iraqi civilians
• Israeli air strikes on Gaza continue
• US Prepared to Broker Gaza Ceasefire, Says Obama
• Ted Cruz Launches Senate Fight to Auction Off America’s Public Lands
• House GOP moves ahead on suing Obama
• Al Franken: Net neutrality is 'the First Amendment issue of our time'
• Indiana: Officials Can Give Themselves Green Light to Use State Resources for Political Campaigns
• Kerry to Join Talks on Iran as Deadline Draws Near
• Suit Against Obama to Focus on Health Law, Boehner Says
• Todd Akin Takes Back Apology for ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments in New Book

David Rivera suspends Miami campaign for Congress | KS-Sen: Pat Roberts' Longevity Gives Tea Party Foe Opening | Todd Akin Takes Back His Apology for 'Legitimate Rape' Comments | Analysis ►  A New York State Senate Race with National Implications | Hillary Clinton Opens Up About the Monica Lewinsky Affair | "Her word salad. It's got an air of authenticity that's hard to fake." | Louie Gohmert Thinks the GOP's 'Faith in God' Will Woo Latino Voters

Hillary's bad week? New 2016 poll has her still trouncing all opponents | NH-Sen: Too Early to Predict That Scott Brown Will Suffer a Wipeout?

Georgia GOP Race Attracts Cash from Super PAC Funded By Two 'Dark Money' Nonprofits | GA-Sen: Not the Best Optics – Convicted Felon Co-Hosted Fundraiser for Michelle Nunn | NC Sen. Hagan reports $3.6M raised in 2nd quarter | Mayday PAC Hits Ambitious Goal Meant to Get Money Out of Politics | NC-06: State GOP election fund money to a PAC fueled by nepotism (via Daily Kos)

America's Dumbest Congressmen compares migrant children to D-Day invasion, demands 'ships of war' | Sarah Palin: Obama 'Satisfying Those Munchies' And Getting 'Buzzed on Suds' as 'Rome Burns'

Eleanor Holmes Norton Rips 'Tyrant' Congressman for Trying to Block D.C. Marijuana Laws | Former Congresswoman Apologizes for Requesting Religious Exemption from LGBT Protections | House Backs Resolution Supporting Israel | Rubio Decides to Support His Own Immigration Bill Again | Watch this! ►  Analysis ►  Let's Call the Republican Response What It Is: a Tactical Decision to Let a Problem Fester for Political Reasons | G.O.P. Pushes Back on Approving Border Funds | Mitch McConnell Distances Himself from a Budget That He Effusively Praised | Preview ►  GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst to Give Party's Radio Address | Analysis ►  A Congressman Questioned a Woman Living in Poverty And Revealed a Lot About Himself | Cutting off your own constituent's nose to spite your face | Analysis ►  How Ted Cruz Became the Rhoda Penmark of the U.S. Senate | Environmental Groups to Dems: No Coal in Ex-Im Reauthorization | Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett, And Bill Gates Chastise House GOP on Immigration | House Republicans Will Sue Obama Because He’s Not Implementing Obamacare Fast Enough

Federal Judge Orders IRS to Explain Lost Emails

New Jersey law would bar donations from recipients of subsidies | Kelly Ayotte to Officiate Scott Brown's Daughter's Wedding | The Plan to Get New Jersey Back into RGGI That Gov. Christie Can’t Veto | Utah Might Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time

Obama Chides GOP for Doing Nothing | Memo to wingnuts: Your beloved Mitt Romney promised to start Obamacare repeal by executive order

Analysis ►  Citigroup's $7 Billion Fraud Deal: the Clique's Still Clicking in DC | Justice declines to pursue allegations that CIA monitored Senate Intel staff

Buh-bye Benghazi scandal: No 'stand down' order in Benghazi | Testimony once again debunks big part of GOP Benghazi conspiracy | Conservatives Cash in on Impeachment Racket

Commanders: Benghazi Rescue Hampered By Lack of Information | Iraqi Kurds cease 2 north major oil fields outside Kirkuk | How Unrest in Ukraine Is Sending a Wave of Refugees to Russia | F-35 Boondo0ggle: Cost of Military Jet Could Have Housed Every Homeless Person in U.S. with $600,000 Home

Border militia plot evaporates into ‘cluster coitus’ as doubts arise over ‘commander’ | Analysis ►  SPLC report: Bundy ranch standoff was highly coordinated, reflecting threat of larger far-right "militia movement" armed separatists | Bundy-style militia leader, mobilizing his crew on the border, announces one warning and then shoot on sight policy for anyone who attempts to come across the border

John Kerry Visits China, Rocks Out | North Korea Files Complaint with U.N. About 'The Interview'

Suspected German Spy Allegedly Working with State Department, Not CIA | Chinese Businessman Is Charged in Plot to Steal U.S. Military Data

Nothing in America Could Be as Bad as the KGB, the Stasi, the Gestapo And the SS… Right? | Lawsuit Contends Surveillance Database Is Too Lax on Reporting Criteria

Cory Booker, Rand Paul Shine Light on Shadow Side of U.S. Justice System | WI Gov. Scott Walker, J.B. Van Hollen appeal gay marriage ruling | Nancy Pelosi: 'We should be afraid of this court' | A few liberals fret on Ginsburg’s next steps | Analysis ►  5 Ways a Colorado Judge Destroyed Conservatives’ Arguments Against Marriage Equality

Florida Inmate Reportedly Gassed to Death, Another Killed By Scalding Hot Water | Analysis ►  Justice Dept. washes its hands in probe of feud between CIA and Senate Intelligence Committee | .B.I. Honors Office Opened Amid Struggle for Civil Rights | New Mexico woman receives settlement from hospital after controversial cavity search

Luke Russert Is Having a Bad Day | Yes, That's Brian Williams Making a Sex Joke on the News | ABC: Rosie O'Donnell Is Back on 'The View' | ROFL ►  Terrorist Tykes; Digby Snarks Breitbart "Scoop" | Analysis ►  No Lessons Learned at the NYT | GOP 'Firing Back' at New Todd Akin Memoir: the Republican Party's worst nightmare is coming back to haunt it just as it hopes to win the Senate this fall | Josh Marshall on Peak Dinesh | Clinton 2016 Coverage Is a Wild Ride on the Signal-To-Noise Rollercoaster | Alex Jones sinks to a new low, calling Michelle Obama ‘the First Tranny’ | George Clooney rejects Daily Mail apology, saying it is 'the worst kind of tabloid' | Watch this! ►  NRO's McCarthy: No Special Prosecutor for IRS Because Everything Sucks | Watch this! ►  CNN's Kate Bolduan Slaps Rick Perry Around Over Obama Immigration Conspiracy Theory | Conservative outraged by something Obama never said

Fox News has won the battle for most-false cable network | Watch Fox Host Megyn Kelly Laugh at Discredited Author Ed Klein's Anti-Clinton Book | Fox News reports on impeachment without mentioning their own involvement in it

Chris McDaniel: We've Found 8,300 'Questionable Ballots'

Obama Asking Companies to Pay Suppliers Faster

Gun Nuts Deploy Rand Paul And Ted Cruz for Cynical Political Scheme | Man organizing new Bundy-style militia to guard US border (because we need that) also top guy in Texas open carry bring you long gun to Starbucks movement

Analysis ►  Sorta Looks Like a Trend, Don't It? | U.S. Anthrax Probe Reveals New Bird Flu Mishap, Widespread Safety Lapses | Seattle's first marijuana shop closes after running out of stock in three days | Obscure Rule Restricts Health Law’s Expansion of Care for Addicts | Analysis ►  Even Republicans Are Satisfied with Their New Obamacare Coverage | Once Again, Inaction at the FDA, Now with a New Class of Drugs, Hurts Consumers | Inquiry into US government labs finds flu virus cross-contamination | Analysis ►  How the Koch brothers could be increasing Obamacare enrollment | Two Big Tobacco Companies Want to Merge

Rep. Bass: Democrats Have Already Compromised with Republicans on Immigration | Analysis ►  GOP is Already Infected

U.S. Declares 'Critical Habitat' Protection for Loggerhead Turtles

Denver will follow Boulder on licenses as gay marriage gains momentum | How a University Used a Religious Exemption to Discriminate Against a Transgender Student | Teacher Fired for Being Gay to Receive Apology 42 Years Later

16-Year-Old Denounces Her Rapists And Their Online Enablers | Hobby Lobby Wants to Control Which Bathroom a Transgender Woman Can Use, Too

Union pulls black college support after Koch gift | UAW to establish local union for Chattanooga VW plant

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