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Hot Headlines, December 2006

Dec. 31
• Somewhere, Osama bin Laden, who actually did have something to do with the murder of 3000 Americans, is smirking
Saddam Hussein's execution: the US murders its creation | Weapons of Mass Destruction: Saddam Hussein was right and George W. Bush was wrong | Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness | Grainy, gruesome Hussein death video is aired in Iraq | The Bushes and the Husseins -- a bitter family saga is at an end | Saddam's body given to Tikrit tribal leaders |Saddam dead, but not much celebrating in Iraq | Through the bumbling of the U.S.-backed regime, justice becomes revenge, and the despotic Saddam becomes a martyr | John Nichols: A Show Trial and a Show Execution | Robert Scheer: Silencing Saddam | Lebanese vent anger against US after Saddam's execution | Official: Saddam to be buried in secret
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Interior Officials' Ties to Oil Probed
HOT POLITICS -- Richard Clarke reviews the crises ignored while Iraq consumes all the oxygen in Washington | Ford coffin on display in Capitol Rotunda | "In hindsight, what stands out most from our talk was [Gerald] Ford's frustration that the Republican Party had lurched so far to the right" | John Edwards Asks Tweety Matthews What Planet Bush Is On | "Some Lawmakers Will Be Missed on Hill"? Not by us, AssPress! | New member Jerry McNerney hits on ethics and Iraq in Dem. radio address | Chuck Hagel Leaving Politics?
QWAGMIRE -- Bombs kill 68 in Iraq following Saddam execution; 6 U.S. troops die | Deadliest December in Iraq keeps getting worse | Meanwhile, there will be higher levels of fighting in Afghanistan, top U.S. general says | Readying for a grim milestone: 3,000 Americans dead in Iraq
WAR CRIMES -- NY Times examines Gitmo review boards: "Often fallen short"
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- FBI still scrambling to seek new ways to stop homicidal extremists before they strike | New Year's Bombin' in Bangkok
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- David Gergen is just sick of those dirty f$#@ing hippies who dared to protest outside the Nixon White House
FOX WATCH -- Another reason to ask your cable carrier to drop FOX News Channel
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Big business on notice: Birth of the first global super-union

Dec. 30
• He's Well Hung! Saddam Hussein, mass murderer and former BFEE co-conspirator, has been executed
If the Saddam verdict is any indication of the world's rejection of evil, then perhaps we will see in our lifetime George, Dick and Donald standing in shackles in a witness box in the Hague. | Saddam said to have been "in state of shock... came apart" | Violence, condemnation, jubilation as Saddam is hanged | Will Iraq Extradite Rumsfeld for Aiding and Abetting Saddam? | Robert Fisk: A dictator created then destroyed by America | Saddam's Lawyers Sought Stay Of Execution In US Court | Judge: Saddam Will Be Executed No Later Than Saturday
• FL-13 Update: Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ12) Says He Will Support Christine Jennings
Disputed FL-13 election to spill into U.S. House | House of Representatives will start dealing with FL-13 vote controversy on the first day of the session | FL-13: Jennings Won't Challenge Buchanan's Seating | FL-13: Judge Denies Access to Voting Machine Code
• Betty Ford leads dignified final rites for her husband
Thousands Pay Their Respects To Ford
HOT POLITICS -- Overflow Crowd Greets John Edwards' NH Tour | Kansas GOP Infighting Grows In Wake OF Election Losses | A (Pretty) Short History of Wingnutism | Standing-Room Only At Edwards Nevada Event | Republicans are for smaller government... not! Fiscal responsibility? Not! Stronger military? You have to be kidding... | GOP 2008 Hopeful and Hard-righter Mike Huckabee Claims He "Won't Scare The Living Daylights" Out Of Democrats (Translation: He Will Just Make Them Nauseous) | It's Hard Work, Prezidentin'
QWAGMIRE -- At least two bombings Saturday in Iraq kill upwards of 50 Iraqi civilians | Josh Marshall: Bush's Iraq campaign "has been about taking tawdry, cheap acts and dressing them up in a papier-maché grandeur" | Iraq Expels 2 Iranians Detained by U.S. | Bush Admits Failure, Says Execution Will Not Halt Violence | Military Times Poll: More Troops Disapprove Than Approve Of Bush’s War Handling For First Time | 106 -- number of US deaths in October and December -- worst months in 2006 | Pakistan forces destroy militant camps in Balochistan | Final moments of Saddam Hussein shown on Iraqi TV | There is no bipartisan support for escalation
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- NY Times: Justice investigating whether Interior officials steered oil-trading contracts to favorites
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Bomb explodes at Madrid Airport car park, three injured | Frances Townsend: Living Proof That Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt, Folks
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Beltway Pundit Troglodytes: Honor Gerald Ford for "healing" the nation, not ending our foolish, tragic Vietnam incursion | The DC beltway gasbags are all about themselves, their needs and wants, and their notions of what is good for their little ecosystem | News Stories From 2006 That Corporate Media Conglomerates Ignored | Must-see TV! Tweety Matthews Schools Karen Hanretty
$MIRKONOMICS -- State lawmakers take lead on minimum wage, ID theft | Living in America's Fringe Economy
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- FCC Approves AT&T Buyout Of BellSouth For Largest Telecom Merger In US History | What America Needs: The Employee Free Choice Act
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- Bushes Sheltered In Armored Vehicle During TX Tornado Watch
OH, GOD! -- The United States of Wingnuttia | Park Service Can't Give Official Age Of Grand Canyon For Fear Of Offending Creationists

Dec. 29
• Confusion! Iraq Officials: Execution of Saddam May be Postponed a Month Or More! US Officials Continue to Assert He Will Hang This Weekend
Saddam to be hanged by Sunday | Iraq Ba'ath party threatens retaliation if Saddam is well hung
HOT POLITICS -- Salon on John Edwards: The first major Democratic the 2008 prez race is on! | Paul Krugman: A Failed Revolution | John Edwards calls troop increase by proper term, "Escalate" (as opposed to media/Rove term "Surge") | Edwards on ABC's GMA: "It would be a huge mistake to put a surge of troops into Iraq.... It's absolutely crucial that America re-establish its moral authority and leadership role in the world" | Wayne Madsen: Why the Bush crime family wants Saddam to die | Barack Obama Avoids 2008 Questions In Hawaii | Bush not attending Ford ceremonies -- where is the outrage? | AP-AOL Poll: America Slams Bush And Britney | Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) improves, is being taken off sedatives; ghoulish Republicans weep, gnash teeth
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Unbelievable! Iraq Study Group Mulled Year-Old Spam | Filings Tell of Interior Department official Roger Stillwell's Friendship with Abramoff | Rep. Tom Lantos (R-CA12) defies Bush, will delve into oversight of India nuke deal | Eliot Spitzer goes after one last sleazebag before assuming governorship of NY | In Interview, Gerald Ford Said Long Personal Friendship With Nixon Played Role in Pardon Decision | George Ryan Sues For Pension | FEC Imposes Record $6.2 Million In Fines – Over Half Against One Company | NASCAR Driver Reprimanded By FEC For Displaying Bush Sticker On Race Car | GOP Rep. Jim Ryun (R-Loser!) Lucky in Real Estate, If Not at Polls | Rep. John Doolittle (R-Crook) Killed Food Safety Earmark
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- A cult of wrongness: let's review the forecast for the year 2006 issued last December by Mark Steyn, pundit genius (not) | It's not just Rev. Moon | Conservatives shoot and miss with Kerry pic | More Right-Wing Blog Fun with Iraq War E-mails | Is Gene Robinson the worst "liberal" pundit of the year? Well, he still thinks "Whitewater" was a scandal | National[ist] Review's Cliff "Cornholio" May is a free speech hypocrite and authoritarianist | Federal agency accuses Santa Barbara paper of labor violations | Some right wingers say that there is an enshrined tradition that former presidents never criticize current ones -- sadly, they are wrong, as Saint Reagan proved! | The truth wants to be free -- even in post-Mao world: Internet use in China grows 30 per cent to 132 million users | In unexpected dig against Jeff Greenfield, entire Bush war cabinet adopts Ahmadinejad look | The Media Make Their usual Disconnect of Edwards' New Orleans Photo-op | Dead men don't write obituaries... except when they do | MSNBC On Populist Edwards: "Multi-Millionaire Candidate"
QWAGMIRE -- Donald Rumsfeld: take Neocon-DoD myopia, apply it to Afghan and Iraqi conditions, and add a new defeat to the legacy of American military failures | US-led forces kill 2 militants in Iraq; Iranian diplomats released | Okay, so Bush claims there is "more consultation to do" but plans a major escalation in Iraq anyway? | Many U.S. Troops in Iraq Say No Surge or Escalation Can Stop Urban Civil War in Baghdad | As Bush continues to rest, relax and enjoy the holidays, the wheels continue to fall off in Iraq | Ford disagreed with Bush, Cheney, Rummy on Iraq | Somali government takes hold of Mogadishu port, airport | Palestinian militants launch rockets at southern Israel | Steve Gilliard: Saddam Hussein to be murdered this weekend | Olmert accepts Abbas' call for back-channel talks | Suicide attacker kills 10 after Friday prayers in Iraq | Saddam Hussein still in U.S. custody as of Friday morning | Friday NY Times: Bush may send up to 20,000 troops | Iranian justice minister killed in car accident | Saddam's execution could be imminent | Wasting your tax money: Bush is busy holding "non-decisional" Iraq meetings | Bush: Rabbit, meet headlights... | That'll make for a helluva popular YouTube video: The execution of Saddam Hussein will be videotaped | Pre-debunking the next Iraqi troop readiness lie | Is War Secretary Bob Gates lacking the urge to surge? | The Decided Still Has Not Decided: Bush Meets for "Non-Decisional" Gathering on Iraq
WAR CRIMES -- Dems Likely To Revisit Detainee Rights Issue
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Laughable: White House spins Osama bin Laden Non-capture As "a Success That Hasn't Occurred Yet" | Facing Possible Lawsuit, Army Says Biodefense Lab Plan Addresses Terrorist Threats | Is Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA46) fueling Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theories? | Body of Abu Sayyaf chief said found
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- GOP Sen. Specter: "I disagree with the policy of not dealing with Iran" -- adds he wants to "give [Ahmadinejad] a piece of my mind" | Rice's Two-Year Anniversary: Few Diplomatic Victories Clouded By Poor Or No Follow-up | Australia will consider nuclear power says leader | Australia will consider nuclear power says leader | US hits out at Pakistani agents' assault on NY Times reporter
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Metro says 15 former Wal-Mart outlets in Germany set to close
$OCIAL IN$ECURITY -- Whacking at Social Security again
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- Greg Palast on New Orleans: More Than One Year Later,
OH, GOD! -- End Times For The Christian Coalition?
HEALTH DEBACLES -- When George Bush banned stem cell funding he effectively put researchers into quarantine

Dec. 24-28
• Former President Gerald Ford Dies at 93
Wayne Madsen: Besides pardoning Nixon, Ford paved the way for our current national nightmare | Walter Shapiro: although ultimately an ineffective leader, Gerald Ford was the right person for the presidency in the wake of the Watergate crisis | Last lunch with a legend: Jerry Ford speaks candidly with Tom DeFrank about the WMDs and Iraq | American Aristocracy: Ford and the pardon | Former President Ford's state funeral is to begin Friday in California
• Media Moonification: The GOP's $3 Billion Propaganda Organ
• Investigating Media Fear Mongering: David Horowitz
Behind David Horowitz's Crusade to Defund Progressives | David Horowitz: Left Behind?
• Probes of Bush policies in works
• Katrina Fraud Likely to Approach $2 Billion
National[ist] Review's Cliff May finds good news in Iraq via "a Marine" -- but there's one problem: it's at least a year old and may not be authentic
• Just in time for Christmas: U.S. Military Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds 9/11 Count
• "Excuse" for escalation? Officials: US Is Detaining Iranians Caught In Iraq Raids
• Good Riddance to the Neocon Dream
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Former Bush Interior Secretary Gale "Dioxin Girl" Norton Takes Job As Shill For Shell Oil | In Nevada, Governor' Off the Hook -- But Not Some of His Aides | Ohio Gov. Taft Reprimanded Over Ethics | Novak: Conservatives may resign if DeLay hired as lobbyist | The Sheriff is coming: Eliot Spitzer must rally an army vs. corruption | A Top NY GOP State Senator Calls for Ouster of Republican NY Senate Leader Joe Bruno | And he wants to be president? George Pataki failed to rein in NY state political corruption | Eliot Spitzer May Find Albany Tougher to Clean Up Than Wall Street -- But Don't Bet On That Stopping Him | Yeah, baby! Senate sex blog suit heads toward X-rated trial | Incentivizing Honesty in Politics | Republican land scam: Rep. Gary Miller (R-CA42) is making his Rancho Cucamonga tree farm project so distasteful in hopes the city will buy him out, residents say
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- Government watchdogs under attack from bosses | There Really WAS A War on Christmas… in 1947 | 4 US Soldiers Killed In Weekend Explosions | Junior's Presidential Library May be Built at SMU on Land "Purchased" from Intimidated Residents
HOT POLITICS -- John Edwards launches candidacy, says Iraq surge "huge mistake" | At least 15 people have been killed and 60 wounded in a triple car bomb attack in the south-west of Baghdad | Karl Rove Leaving As Soon As January? | Mitt Romney, absentee Governor of MA, out of state for majority of 2006 | John Edwards Joins Presidential Race | Cliff Schechter: This Christmas, it's worth recalling the Marla Ruzicka Story | That Was Then: Remember Bush's claims about the Clinton years | Schwarzenegger Breaks Leg While Skiing
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Tributes to Gerald Ford: Is there KoolAid in the Beltway drinking water? | Cornholio Time! Blitzer/May Flashback | Panties in a Bunch: Third-rate Right-wing Talk Radio Loudmouth Mike Gallagher Decries Liberal Comparisons of Bush Administration to Fascism | More Hilarious Michelle "Malkin" Maglalang Stupidity | Steve Gilliard picks the top ten national stories of 2006 | Eschaton Presents Another Turgid Example of Great Moments in Cable News (or, Heidi Collins, GOP Newsmodel Stooge) | McClatchy Co. Selling Minneapolis Star Tribune To Private-Equity Firm For $530 Million | Eleanor Clift calls Bush a liar -- no doubt giving Cokie, Fwill and Broder the vapors | High Court Becomes More Media Friendly | Our Ghostbusters, Ourselves
FOX WATCH -- Sunday Lowlight: Fascist Beeyotch Lynne "Evita" Cheney Claims That Putting I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby On Trial "Does Not Reflect Well On Our Judicial System"
QWAGMIRE -- Bombs rock Baghdad as Saddam judgement published | Woody in WaPo: Jerry Ford Disagreed With Bush Boy About Invading Iraq | Chris Dodd calls for withdrawal from Iraq | Chuck Hagel: President Bush has not accepted "the realities of how bad it is on the ground in Iraq" | Selective Service plays down test reports but says must be ready for the "totally unforeseen" | A novel way to end the Iraq War: Let's throw a victory party for Bush and then call it a day, a year and a war | Sectarian Ties Weaken Duty's Call for Iraq Forces | Opponents of Islamists Seize Somali Capital | The Decider Is Deciding Newest Refinements to Failed Iraq Policy at Texas Ranch | Saddam Writes Farewell Letter | The GOP's ugly Iraq dilemma | Iraqi coffin maker works overtime | Iran's Oil Revenue Could Disappear By 2015 | Bill Kristol gets off on the long surge troop fantasy | Some Of Iraq's Estimated 800,000 Christians Celebrated Christmas In The So-called Safety Of Their Homes | Iraqi President Unhappy Over US Arrest Of Iranian Tourists | Ethiopian Warplanes Bomb Somalia | 12,000 Iraqi Police Killed Since US Invasion | It's a Republican War | Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Insurance industry) Argues for Iraq Withdrawal | Bush, Maliki Regimes Growing Further Apart | Forget talks, Bush prefers plan for surge of 30,000 troops into Iraq
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Congress Rebukes FBI's Probe of 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building Bombing | Floggin' the Holiday Fear: Chunnel Targeted In Terrorist Plot
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Ahmadinejad's folly: Iran to "revise" IAEA cooperation, IAEA to step up pressure
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Profits over people: Wal-Mart refuses to evacuate after bomb threat; SWAT officers mingle with shoppers | Culture of greed: Wall Street's 2006 Bonus Gold Rush Creates Huge Demand For Luxury Goods | Stores Counting On Post-Christmas Sales To Make Up For Shoppers' Malaise
JUSTICE WATCH -- Many forget departed President Ford's impact on the Supreme Court | Mitt Romney fails again: MA Supreme Court refuses to force gay marriage vote
RACISM IN THE USA -- Senator Lindsey Graham Sorta Kinda Rebukes Virgil Goode While Sorta Kinda Avoiding Why Goode Was So Offensive
ENERGY SCANDALS -- You Have the Power: Bring Back the Electric Car
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Poor Records Plague Bush AIDS Effort | Health care returns to the agenda
TRASHING NATURE -- Global Warming Claims Its First Victim: Rising Seas Swallow Inhabited Island | Bush flip-flops on global warming with plan to protect polar bears | Polar bears to be listed on Endangered Species list

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