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The Middle East Has Boiled Over... It's Civil War in Iraq... Israel Is On the Brink of Deadly Conflict.. And Then There's Local News
By Jeff Koopersmith

March 28, 2006 / PHILADELPHIA ( — Do not listen to the policy wonks on television news -- and do not believe what you read in the newspapers.

Do not believe FOX News. Do not believe CBS, or CNN, or NBC, or especially ABC and PBS about the situation in the Arab world.

It is clear that the "no-no-you-idiot" warnings that George Dumbbell-You Bush received from almost anyone with tested wisdom before his midnight raid to shock'n'awe Baghdad all proved true -- and our Moron Prezznit has managed now to fumble the ball yet further, and is now accountable for launching an all-out civil war in Iraq -- a war which might, and most likely will, ignite a conflagration across much of the Middle East, perhaps leading to Mr. Bush's earlier-than-expected impeachment, should one find an article of impeachment called "stupid," stupid for listening to scum like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and the rest of the Neocons now concealed in other stations around the Capitol.

No one in the media or executive branch is telling you the truth, but today Shiites are murdering Sunnis and Sunnis are murdering Shiites at the rate of more than 50 -- perhaps 100 or more -- per day as our propaganda teams in the US and Iraq continue to tell us that these are "just skirmishes." The dead are not simply men -- they include a hefty load of body bags and cheap coffins filled with women and children as well.

Things are so appalling in Iraq that our troops are now arresting the very police and military that were supposedly trained to defend Iraq and its citizens against terror.

The President has neither explained nor comprehended that it is not terrorists who are killing Iraqis and American service people and contractors -- it is Iraqis themselves, so caught up in a their sick definition of Islam that they kill each other's offspring.

Imagine, if you would, all the Catholics in the United States mobilizing private armies led by Bishops and Cardinals against Protestant ministers and their congregants, burning their homes and schools, and killing their children, wives and mothers.

Well, that is what is happening in Iraq -- and there is absolutely nothing George Bush can do about it now save to move our troops out of harm's way.

Pay attention: if the President fails to act, and soon, instead of 50 or 100 dead each day it will soon be 200 to 500, with 20 or 30 or 50 or more of those being young American soldiers.

We cannot simply stand by and allow our government to continue this slaughter and this abuse of our children as targets for an insane population driven to slaughter in part by the stupendously stupid ideas emanating from the White House -- not the Pentagon, which knew all along (with the notable exception of the Office of "Special" Plans) that Rumsfeld was a nattering old fool and that our forays into the Middle East were almost suicidal in nature.

And what do the mainstream media have to say about all this? Are they calling for the head of this Administration? Are they doing much more than interviewing other idiots about how Senator Russ Feingold supposedly "went too far" by asking for a "censure" of George Bush?
Was it not enough that the New York Times helped lead us into this tragedy -- with plenty of help from other dying newspapers and news venues who knew war was good for their businesses? Are these so-called journalists going to continue to excuse, or ignore, the death traps that Mr. Bush and his ilk have set for us?

God knows, I am not suggesting it, but if there were any justice at all, President Bush might be put in stocks and lashed live on TV for what he has done to this nation and to the world, a world so afraid of the United States that it is rushing headlong toward tyranny in some wild defensive move against the power of the American President and his ship of fools.

And as for Senator Feingold, he is to my mind just another wimp looking for some votes from the left while all the time knowing that his lackadaisical call for a slap on the hand for this President will never be taken seriously. What good does it do to say "bad boy" to Bush when so many are dying every hour in Iraq?

There is no time now for middle-of-the-road niceties. Either you believe Mr. Bush is a murderer or you believe he is a saint.

Which will you choose?

The non-Muslim world is, to be brutally honest, sick of Islam even as it praises decent, principled and moral Islamic men, women and clerics who wring their hands in disgrace and incompetence to stop the murderers in their midst.

In Israel, a new government is about to be elected that will in fact make Ariel Sharon look like Howdy Doody -- a government that will decide by itself, and with no input from Palestinians, just where the borders of Israel will remain, or not. Can you imagine the result?

The murderous group now controlling the Palestinian occupied territories, Hamas, seems impatient to go to war with Israel -- and one wonders which Arab nations will supply them with arms against the Jews who only sought a narrow slab of desert in which to live peacefully.

Meanwhile, the crude ugliness that Bush had cultivated in our country breaks the surface more sharply each day. In Philadelphia, the murder rate has jumped to such high levels that special meetings are called almost daily to try and control kids -- as young as ten years old -- shooting each other in the streets. Everyone is arming themselves, and teens are going ballistic nearly every day shooting their families, friends, or simply strangers.

While Bush pretends he "cares" about immigrant workers, he has set a stage of hatred and racism in American which has birthed the crazed Militia Movement -- whatever that is -- now morphed into 8,000 demented rednecks -- all the time denying it -- who are "patrolling" our borders illegally with handguns, ready to shoot any Mexican that dares to try to work in a country that has been hosting and abusing them for decades.

And they are doing this supposedly to stop Al Qaeda from sneaking over our borders. Sure, that's the reason.

And while our kids are being murdered halfway around the world, the rest of the nation is enamored with extending its ugly lifespan, announcing late yesterday (thank God( that scientists have been able to transplant worm DNA into pigs to make them produce omega 3 fats like fish! The idiots who accomplished this have not yet tasted the pigfishworm, but assure us it doesn't smell "fishy."

Meanwhile, more and more kids are learning nothing but math and English so that they can pass the idiot president's idea of "leaving no child behind." In New Jersey, education executives are cheating, turning in manipulated test scores.

Our highways are rotting from neglect, and every day roads paid for by the taxpayers are becoming toll roads with tolls higher than working people can afford.

Our rivers are becoming more polluted than less.

Our national parks are slated for development, not conservation.

"Neverland," the home and theme park for kids that Michael Jackson -- cleared of all the rumored child rape, based on the greed of sordid parents -- closed over the weekend, while Jackson himself hides where else but in Dubai, in yet another irony-filled sign of the times.

Only one first-class event came to pass this week: it was discovered that neo-Nazi political celebrity Laura Ingraham's ex-boy-toy dropped the right-wing fanatic radio talk show hostess during her bout with breast cancer and is now dating none other than liberal television host Katie Couric.

Can you imagine Ingraham's nightmares over that!?

She, so filled with hatred for modest-thinking people, got what she deserves.

JEFF KOOPERSMITH is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist."

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